Saturday, 30 July 2011

LED Downlights dimmen led deckenleuchte led ceiling light led dimmbar lampe led lampen | LEDaladdin - LED Lighting Manufacturer

LED Downlight Using A Surface Light Emitting ( Chip On Board ) COB LEDs Environment Friendly : LED backlighting eliminates the traces of mercury found in cold-cathode fluorescent lamps, thus meeting mandates for the reduction of hazardous substances. RoHS compliant product, No Cadmium, Lead, or Mercury. Unlike fluorescent, there are no concerns over disposal. High Energy Efficient: Only 20% power consumption of halogen lamp and incandescent lamp. Low Heat Generation : Excellent heat dissipation design,surface temperature is lower 58°C, Junction temperature lower than 102°C. Natural Light : Superior colour rendering over other LED sources due to unique PLF technology; High pupil lumen factor. Ergonomic Light : No EMI, ballast noise, UV or glare. Non-flickering light reduces eye strain, headaches and other workplace complaints associated with fluorescent lighting. Remote controlled dimming and (on E models only) colour temperature adjustment to suit changing activities and moods. High Uniformity : The backlight unit demonstrates a brightness uniformity of more than 85 percent and a color uniformity (Δu'v') of less than 0.007 in CIE1976 LUV color space. The results are equivalent to the performance of a compact fluorescent light source.

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